Friday Update Goodness!!!

It’s fun-time Friday!!! No… not really. That’s not a thing. Or maybe it is for some people. I don’t know. So why are you bothering us Elena, you may be wondering. And to that I answer…. Because I can. Simply put I have some updates to put out there, and I was finally able to […]

New Book!!

So I know I’m like three weeks late with this, but I finally published my second book. It went live back on August 31, available on Amazon. A space western in the same vein as Firefly and Serenity, Blood Bounty follows Bounty Hunter Evangeline Kaine as she arrives on mining station ION-42 on the hunt […]

Three Goddesses

A quick short story inspired by a friend that I made in an online mobile game a few weeks ago. She loves the idea of a multi-deity theocratic system as much as I do, and we got to be good friends. You can find more stories like this and even weirder at my DeviantART page, […]

An Update 4 Years in the Making

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit more than 4 years but honestly, who’s counting? (Me. I’m counting) At lot has changed since April 2017. I officially came out as transgender, changed my name at work, then got my name legally changed and started on Hormone Replacement Therapy. It’s been a pretty crazy time for me, […]

Totally Honest Game Reviews – DOOM(2016)

Doom Here Comes the Boom I don’t know how the people at Bethesda did it. I really don’t. If you’d asked me a couple months ago if it was possible to somehow combine the fast-paced, jerky moving and shooting action of the original Doom and other FPS games from the mid-90’s with the graphics, gameplay, […]