Distractions, distractions

Honestly, you’d think remembering to type something up and post something every Friday would be easy for a writer such as myself. Unfortunately, I appear to be failing at such an endeavor. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to get this done today.

Today’s post is about distractions. Everyone has distractions that makes it difficult to actually do something that we know it productive and what we should be doing. Don’t shake your head, don’t tell me that you have no distractions, ’cause that’s a lie. Maybe it’s a baby or toddler, maybe it’s a significant other, maybe it’s the hockey finals of the Olympics, it could be anything. The question is, how do you get yourself to work through your distractions? Is it a matter of just pushing yourself to do what you know you should be doing over what you actually want to do? Or do you have to remove yourself from the distractions and go out to the local coffee shop?

I, myself, am addicted to video games. I’ve been playing them all my life. I am proud to admit that I learned to read playing Dragon Warrior for the original Nintendo. I have a SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U all ready to play with maybe a five-minute setup. And that doesn’t include the portable systems I have, nor the PC games I could play at any given moment. I say all this because I want you to understand that video games are a huge part of my life, and they are probably the biggest distraction that I have. I meant to do a post yesterday, stick with my Friday posts and all that, but I got distracted yesterday morning and ended up playing South Park: The Stick of Truth for almost four hours instead. Not a bad game, by the way, rather entertaining if you were a fan of the show. Some of the jokes reference newer seasons, I think, because I haven’t actually watched the show since about season 10 with the World of Warcraft episode. For instance, last I saw Mr. Slave had left Mr. Garrison after the latter’s sex change operation. In the game things clearly point to the fact that Mr. Slave is now in a relationship with Big Gay Al, and I have no idea when that happened.

So now that I have revealed myself to be the nerd I am by talking about video games and South Park, I wonder how everyone else handles the distractions in their lives? Do you set aside time for whatever it is that you do every day, promising yourself you won’t get distracted by something? Or do you escape the distractions, maybe turning off your internet connection for a while. Video games are my kryptonite, what’s yours?

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