Well gosh, I made a plan

As the title proclaims, I’ve made a plan. Call it a resolution if you like, I know in January those things are more popular than the Kardashians, but no matter what you call it, I’ve made a plan. Trust me, if you knew me then you would get why that is so amazing.

Anyway, this is a blog about my writing, and therefore that is what will be posted about. I will update on various projects I’m working I’m, comment on things I hear and learn and read, and maybe make the odd call-out for some aid with editing and beta reading. So be prepared for all of that.

And finally, I’ve decided on a schedule. I will be updating this blog once a week, most likely on Fridays, so stay tuned and we’ll find out if I can stick with this or if it will flop like my let’s play channel.

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