Obligatory Introduction

It’s been a long time coming.

My name is Allan and this blog is dedicated to my writing. I like to consider myself a writer even though I have yet to be published in anything, search around the Internet for the work of Bane Stryfe and you will find a good deal of my work. (to narrow the search check out http://www.fictionpress.com and DeviantArt)

My focus, once upon a time, was on writing fantasy novels. For some reason however these often seemed to mutate into urban fantasy territory so one day my wife said to me: “you like the dresden files and Anita Blake books, why not write something like that?” and that has become the current project I am working on.

My first draft, Grimm Vengeance, wasn’t bad but it seemed people had getting past the second chapter. The second draft was only half complete when I decided to start the third for National Novel Writing Month last November. I finished that draft in the middle of December with 85,000 words. (and in case you’re interested, yes, I am a NaNoWriMo winner)

However, since then I have been working on editing, not my strong suit, and while I really like what the book has become there has been something bugging me about it for a while. I think I figured it out this morning, and have begun planning the fourth, and hopefully final, draft. I found that my character was being an inconsistent roller coaster of a protagonist and needed to be straightened out a bit. The story will stay the same overall, more or less, but some of the scenes will be moved around just to make it flow better.

That being said, I am pushing myself not to start this project until February as I am in the middle of moving. Odd, but I always decide to start these big projects when my life is already full of stress. A glutton for punishment am I.

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